Welcome to SmartCoin®

Take Advantage of the Volitality In Cryptocurrencies. Invest Now!

Welcome to SmartCoin®

Invest in a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies Including Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.

About SmartCoin

Unique Opportunity


Cryptocurrencies are expected to grow

Cryptocurrencies are one of the most important inventions since the inception of the web. They are ushering in a new era of decentralisation, privacy, and control of one’s own data that has the potential to revolutionise many parts of society. There are currently over one thousand cryptocurrencies in use Their combined market cap has grown from  £10 billion USD in 2016, to over £150 billion in 2019.

Investment Strategy

Bitcoin Price decline made us rich!!


The Mix

We invest in a broad basket of diversified cryptocurrencies.   Investments are weighted towards established assets. SmartCoin uses a  complex trading algorithm to best time the entry and exit of the assets.  Additionally, SmartCoin has the option to short sell cryptocurrencies to maximise on negative news flow.

The Approach

We focus on expanding the holdings by researching new cryptocurrencies to invest in. The industry is in a high growth phase and does not require financial gymnastics to squeeze out gains. We do  day-trade, time the market, some speculation, no leverage, or no arbitrage. We hold assets with solid foundations that have the potential for substantial future gains. We time the market for maximum return on entry and exit.

We provide exposure to cryptocurrency markets


Expert Vetting

We research and monitor investments using in-house analysts with industry experience and knowledge.

Sophisticated Trading

We maintain a diverse network of liquidity providers to gain privileged access to assets, at better prices, lower fees and reduced risk than otherwise available.

High Volitality


Unlike during the initial growth phase, we have witnessed high levels of price movement since around December 2018. These predictable price drops are one of our effective strategies, trading or borrowing the assets with a view of returning them when the price has fallen. The difference or margin is profit.



Four-year track record holding, trading, and executing an array  of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple etc. Partnering  with Softbank Technologies for delivery of Ethereum from the mined  source often at a discount to the market.  



  • Low entry-level investment
  • Special Purpose Vehicle
  • Security Trustee appointed
  • Over £1 million under management
  • Over 100% growth registered in 2019
  • Between 5-15% of the profits are retained as a fee

  • Easy to enter/exit

  • Funds returned on maturity to nominated account

  • Lower risk than buying and holding Bitcoin
  • 12/24/36 month investment options

  • Longer terms are incentivised with lower profit retention
  • Projected net returns of 38% a year
  • SmartCoin profits are distributed every 3 months pro-rata
  • Compounded payment option for capital growth investors
  • Payments made/received in Sterling
  • Only 2.5% Arrangement Fee

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